Sunday, November 18, 2007

When, oh when?

I never meant for this to turn into a site for me to teach English over the internet, but because people have asked (and I see it used incorrectly A TON), here is another mini grammar lesson:

When do I use "me" and when do I use "I"?

Generally, people assume that you are always supposed to use the word "I" when you are referring to yourself and another person. This is not true. As a rule, if you want to check to see if you would use "I" or "me", you take out the other person's name. If it makes sense, you are right!

Here are some examples:

WRONG: James and me went to the mall.
(if you take out "James", you would never say, "me went to the mall.")
CORRECT: James and I went to the mall.

WRONG: That picture was taken of James and I.
(if you take out James, you would never say, "That picture was taken of I")
CORRECT: That picture was taken of James and me.

Get it?

Carry on, grammarians!


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