Thursday, December 13, 2007

Two More To Go...

Last night I finished up my grad class for this semester: Research and Scholarship in the Teaching of English. It was a good feeling to leave Kalamazoo knowing I only have two more classes to go: my capstone (which is like a masters thesis) next semester (Jan-April) and a literature elective during the summer I semester (may-june). Graduation Day (June 28) is coming soon! Then I will have my Masters of Arts in the Teaching of English. I've really enjoyed my classes so far, but I will be glad to be done. Driving to Kalamazoo to WMU every week is a little bit of a strain on the gas bill AND on the body - it just tires me out! Only two more semesters to go, though! Then we can send Cortney back to school in the fall instead of me!


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