Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday Brunch

Sunday mornings at the Sluiter house usually involve a huge breakfast cooked by Cortney and a whole lot of sitting around. Louis is pretty much the MVP of this. He can find a sunbeam and get himself pretty darn relaxed.
He's so relaxed, in fact, that he doesn't realized there is a new customer at the Sluiter "deck" buffet. We've had birds and squirrels, but this morning, we had our first racoon:
Yup, he just dug in and chowed down as we sat here looking at him. Cortney was finally brave enough to crack the slider door and yell, "Get out of here, ya jerk!" This harsh comment compelled the Racoon to scurry off the feeder and get his big butt stuck in the slats of our deck. Since we were not about to help this dude out, he figured out how to wiggle his way out and shimmy down the deck. Then he waddled off to the woods. Who will be our next woodland visitor? Will I wake up to a deer up there tomorrow?


Anonymous said...

To be a cat.

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