Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Raining on Our Parade

It's May in Holland, and you know what that means...the tulips are blooming and everyone is starting to feel a little bit Dutch! Today my mom, Jack, and I headed to downtown Holland for the annual Volksparade, even though it was POURING rain at the time. Mom had Jack all set to go in his Dutch costume...his Dutchie.
Because it was so wet, mom wore her poncho, I wore Cortney's rain suit, and Jack wore his Dutchie covered up by a green raincoat and the Tulip Time Blanket. Luckily, once I bought him and elephant ear, he forgot that it was wet out!
Oh...he liked the carmel corn too!The rain stopped just in time for the parade! There is my aunt Lois riding in the American Legion car. They even put the top down! Very brave!
Even though it started a little wet, we still had a really good time! Jenise brought Brody and Rachel brought Shayla and all three "second" cousins had their costumes on looking very Dutch for the parade. Although, by the time we took this picture, all the junk food was eaten, the dancers were done, and the parade was over, so the kids are looking a little bit sleepy. Oh well, that is the sign of a fun day, right?


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