Monday, November 17, 2008

Why, Oh Why?

According to the calendar, winter doesn't officially start for another month, but Michigan really doesn't play by the season rules. So, in typical fashion, we got a pile of snow today.

When I left the house at 6:45 this morning, our lawn was pretty covered. When I arrived at school in Wyoming by 7:20, there was zero snow. Yup, this is the story of my life. Holland/Zeeland gets hit and Grand Rapids/Wyoming gets two flakes. This is why, when all of the Zeeland Public and West Ottawa Public School kids get to stay nestled in their beds because we got a foot of snow, I pull on my boots and my big jacket, and plow my little cavalier through the drifts.

Today reminded me that it is all starting again and probably won't be over until March or April. So, with a big sigh, I busted out my hat and scarf and thanked goodness that at least I don't live in North Dakota (miss you, Erin and Brad)!


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