Saturday, December 13, 2008

Trimming the Tree

Thursday night Cortney and I headed out on a quest to find the perfect Christmas tree for 2008! Our regular tree place wasn't there this year, so we had to find an alternate place. We paid a little more this year for a Conford Colifur (not even sure if that is how you spell it), but it's so soft and so pretty...we just love it! So Cort strapped it on the truck and we took it home!
Cortney put the bag on it, stuck it in the stand, and carried it in the house. It fit just right!
After he put the lights on it, it was my turn to finish up the decorating.
Thank goodness Louis was a fan this year! He had big fun rolling around under the tree and feeling like a tiger!
He was not nearly as excited once we got the presents underneath. His new hiding place was gone, but I think it looks pretty darn good!
Let the Christmas festivities begin!


Amy said...

Merry Christmas! You guys have a perfect window for that tree. Do you know we have the exact same coffee table!?

The Sluiters said...

it's a really great coffee table! :)

Anonymous said...

perfect window for photography you mean....and we have had our tree since the day after Thanksgiving, just sayin (slacker! I mean, love it!)

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