Thursday, January 1, 2009

And the Winner is....


I was the winner of the Sluiter Family Fantasy Football League! It was a tough road...I had to beat the 3rd seeded (Mike) team in the first round of playoffs, then the 2nd seeded (Ben), and finally the first seeded (Liz). My record was 6-7 going into my game against Liz and NO ONE--including me--expected my team to pull it off after two VERY lucky wins against Mike (whose team just sort of didn't show up) and Ben. It was a close game to the end, but my little underdog team did it and finished the season as the champs with a 7-7 record!

Here I am modeling the trophy, fresh with my name on it!

See....there's my name!
Next season the battle will start all over again! Until then...we wait for the Super Bowl!


Anonymous said...

that cracks me up that you have this family trophy, love it. and I decided that I LOVE your hair darker....we are never going back to blonde baby!

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