Thursday, January 8, 2009

Project 365

A couple friends of mine, Trisha and Amy, recently made me aware of this sweet new scrapbooking project called Project 365 created by Becky from Creating Keepsakes Magazine (that's a mag for nerdy me!). The idea of the project is to take a picture or collect some sort of item each day of your life for one full year. Trisha, Amy, and I all purchased a kit that is offered that helps you put it all together very easily without a lot of the regular scrapbook fuss...which I don't need since I already have 2 projects going on, with a third in the, uh, oven. :)

Anyway, Trisha decided to post some of her pics to her blog, and I thought that was a pretty fun idea, so I thought I would post a few from time to time. Here are the Days of Sluiter Lives so far THIS week...

Monday, January 5: First day of work of 2009. Both Cort and I were a PILE of excitement to get our stuff together and head out to work. Or maybe not?

Tuesday, January 6: Doctor's appointment day! I know you've seen this pic the post below! I mean come could this NOT be the pic of the day?
Wednesday, January 7: Cort gives his new Wii game, Animal Crossings: City Folk, a try WITH his new Wii Speak, of course. So yes, he is playing a video game AND talking to Ben while Ben plays HIS game...and they can visit each other's cities...oh it's hours of fun...apparently!
Thursday, January 8: Oh man...BLT night here at the Sluiters. This is always fun because A) there is bacon involved. B) Cort takes over the "cooking" for the night and C) bacon is involved
I won't be posting EVERY week...but from time to will see little updates on how I am doing with Project 365!


missy widener said...

mmm, BLT's, I just might have to be getting some of that when we go out....project 365 is a GREAT idea for when your baby girl arrives, and yes I said girl.

Mandy said...

If scrapbooking is nerdy, then get me a poket protector because I'm the biggest "nerd" of them all! It's my passion, obsession, and my compulsion!!! lol Good luck with that project!

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