Monday, February 16, 2009

It's a President's Day Miracle!

This was the scene today at our house when Cortney came home from work for lunch. That is the UPS freight guy bringing us our President's Day gift: Ed's furniture!

Yes, it's all still in boxes in the garage, so you'll just have to be patient to see what it looks like all assembled and in place.

I had the day off today for mid-winter break, so I cleaned everything that I could out of Eddie's room and made piles of heavy stuff for Cort to bring downstairs. Now it's in Cort's hands. He is in charge of the heavy lifting and cleaning the carpets and then the assembly of the furniture.

I think he's almost as excited as I am about all this new stuff, so he will probably make good on getting some (or all) of that done within the next week...and you KNOW I will keep you posted with pics!

Until then...happy President's Day!


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