Sunday, March 29, 2009

All Up in Your Grill

This year we made the decision to say goodbye to the grill that has served us for the past four years of marriage. It did a decent job, but when things started to give out, we couldn't get replacement parts for them.

Cortney reluctantly started looking for a new grill. Wait...did I say "reluctantly"...oops...I meant he flew out to Lowes and browsed grills at LEAST twice. Yesterday he had Cody over to help him move the old one from the back deck. He and Cody then went to Lowes to get the new one.
Somehow, it was decided that the best place for assembling a grill was quite naturally the living room.

I did everything I could to avoid the living room during this process. Messes make me anxious...I know that is shocking to many of you.

Anyway, Cort did a great job of cleaning up his mess, and before the day was done, we had a new grill on the back deck!

According to Cortney, it can grill up to 35 burger patties at a time. This is apparently exciting...I don't know. I am just glad he is happy with his new toy...I mean grill.

Today it sits out on the deck with the new cover snugly secure around it, braving a pile of snow. So much for spring!


missy widener said...

THAT is a serious grill. I guess this means you will be having many barbeques...wonderful!

The Sluiters said...

and you KNOW the Widener family will be first on the guest list! :)

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