Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ready, Eddie, GO!

Last night Cortney and I made a big trip to Babies R Us to get any remaining items that we would need before Eddie's grand entrance into our lives. We had a fun time out, and we got lots of necessary items...along with the finishing touches for the Nursery. I put it all together today--check out the finished product...

There are a few things like his swing, a stroller, and the baby gate that are still being "stored" in the nursery that will have to find a new home, but other than that, all this nursery needs is a baby!


missy widener said...

it is looking good...but yes it is missing a baby...soon, soon.

missy widener said...

are you still in there eddie? oh and audrey named half of her dolls katie, she said isn't it a good name mom? and presley keeps saying I'm going to katie's today....see what you have done to my children?!

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