Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Watch Me Grow!

As the countdown to Eddie nears its end, I thought it would be fun to take another look the progress it took to get to this spot.

I can't believe I thought I was looking big at 5 months. Seriously?

At six months I can remember thinking that I finally looked pregnant and not just pudgy.

Seven months made me start to wonder just how big I was going to get!
At this point, I look at eight months and think about how that actually looks more comfortable than I am now.
And here were are at nine months! Today I am actually 37 weeks, unless Friday's ultrasound tells a different story, that is!
After having minimal discomfort throughout the entire pregnancy, I am finally starting to have problems sleeping in bed and have started getting up in the early morning to move to the couch to finish sleeping. Moving around is getting increasingly difficult as well.

Cort and I just hope that all this means that time is getting short and that Eddie will be here soon!


missy widener said...

this is awesome, and you will be so glad to have it...I have I think one picture of me pregnant this round...I need to get on top of that....go cort!

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