Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Today is Eddie's Grandma Riemersma's birthday!!! Riemersma birthdays are USUALLY celebrated by going out to dinner, but since Eddie probably doesn't love restaurants yet, my mom volunteered to make her own birthday dinner AND cake for her family yesterday. She really just wanted us all together...and who can blame her...we are one fun group!
After burgers and corn and potatoes and taco salad, mom reluctantly blew out the candles on her cake. She totally tried to cut and serve the cake without us singing or putting candles on it...but we are not THAT slow! I think she liked our terrible singing anyway! It's tradition!
After dinner mom had to spend some quality time with Eddie. There we are...three generations!

Happy birthday to my lovely mother and Eddie's lovely grandma!! We love you!


missy widener said...

ps- it is really quite annoying how fabulous you look after just having a baby a week ago...seriously posh, you are looking good!

The Sluiters said...

it's not a's TWO weeks. and according to the scale, I have lost all the pregnancy weight. However, my body is NOT in the same SHAPE it was pre-pregnancy. Ugg. But thank you for thinking I look good! That makes me FEEL good! :)

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