Sunday, August 9, 2009

Eddie's Baptism

Today was a very special day in Sluiter Nation. In fact, today is special on lots of layers. First of all, today, August 9, was Cortney's dad, Steve's, birthday. He would have been 53 today if he was still with us. It was also Cortney's Great Grandpa, Ed's, birthday. He would have been 100 today if HE was still with us!

So it seemed to us, that on his Papa Steve's birthday and his Great Great Grandpa Ed's birthday, our little Edward Steven should be baptized. And so he was.

Cort's Grandma Sluiter lent us Papa Steve's baptism outfit for Eddie to wear. It looked so big to me when she brought it over! I thought for sure Eddie would be swimming in it! Then Cort put it on him this morning...he couldn't get the top button fastened! I guess Papa Steve was a smaller 6-week old than Eddie is!

We were a bit concerned that Eddie would fuss during church. He is not usually a fan of sitting in his carseat if he is not on the move, so we weren't sure how it would go. But as you can see, he sat in his rubber pants just fine in his seat!

So many of our family came out (and those who are not technically related, but who we think of as family!)! We are so blessed! Grandma Sluiter also brought along another delightful surprise to the church: Papa Steve and Great Great Grandpa Ed's baptism certificates...well, copies of them! GG Grandpa Ed's was even in Dutch!

Pastor John Schmidt performed the baptism at Second Reformed Church in Zeeland this morning. At the same time, I confirmed my baptism, so now all three of us are members of Second Reformed Church! When John baptized Eddie with the water, Eddie did so well! He didn't even cry! He just let out a powerful yawn, which made everyone who could see him chuckle!
After the service, we invited our friends and family over to our house for cake, coffee, and fellowship to thank them for coming to the church. Auntie MacKenzie fed Eddie his much-needed bottle, and then Granny Kim rocked him to sleep in her arms!
The rest of us enjoyed Eddie's cake! Mmmmm!!! Chocolate cake from Meijer. Yes, I am obsessed...I can't help it! But they also do a great decorating job!
After everyone left, Eddie was POOPED! He zonked out in his chair for a snooze. After all, he totally missed his morning nap for all the excitement!
Tonight Cortney, Eddie, and I are joining Grandma and Grandpa Sluiter, Cody, Liz, Dave, and MacKenzie for dinner at Anchorage to celebrate Steve's 53rd birthday. We are even having peach pie (Kenzie makes a GREAT peach pie) since Steve always requested that in leiu of a cake. So we celebrate Papa Steve's and GG Grandpa Ed's lives and Eddie's baptism today! August 9...a GREAT day!


missy widener said...

I love that elephant top on eddie...and the colors of your tops at the baptism, so bright and did say you liked orange, I am glad the boys dressed for you (cort is doing a very good job lately of dressing for photos...)...I hope you got a picture of eddie yawning whilst being baptized and if so, bring it on!

The Sluiters said...

I did not get that picture. I figured it would be inappropriate for me to be snapping pics as i stood up there...dang.

Trisha said...

aww dang you should have handed the camera off to someone else. It was a great yawn! :-) Such a great day. So happy you all still do the dinner thing. Steve would LOVE that! Lots of love to the Sluiters today! XOXO

missy widener said...

well you were there in the moment and that is all that matters...I am glad you chose today for his baptism...that really makes it that much more special.

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