Monday, March 1, 2010

This Kid is Going Places

Tonight Eddie found the gate. He was pretty interested in what was down those steps. And what was down those steps was sort of interested in Eddie.
However after he figured out it was just Louis, he lost interest and continued his exploration of the upstairs.

He trudged through the kitchen...

And eventually found what we figured he would find eventually. I caught him before he could reach in for a taste though.

Yes, our little man is really going places these days...

and it has us just about worn out already!


missy widener said...

I MUST see this boy soon....he is so cute crawling! sunday family playdate now please.

Trisha said...

hey in that last picture is is going for the tractor that the Visel's have too! Love that he is all over.. it will make for some fun boy play when we all hang out!

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