Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Last Hurrah

Despite what ails us, Cortney, Eddie, and I ventured out to Holland tonight to at least get me a corn dog.  Yes, I am still talking about that dang corn dog.

We found some tulips along the way.

So I decided that Eddie better get one last hurrah in his Dutch Costume.  The temperatures were in the 40's, so I layered pants and a long-sleeved shirt under his costume, and plunked him down by the tulips.

He even stood for a quick, unsteady second on those darned wooden shoes.

Until he decided he was done posing for mom's dumb camera....and that it was cold on the ground.

So we bundled him up in his stroller and took off for the food stands in search of that illusive corn dog.

We found them!  YUM!!!!!

And then we found the elephant ears!

Then we strolled back to the truck and found some purple tulips.  Can you tell how chilly it was?  Brrrr!

And that is it for Tulip Time 2010.  Sorry I didn't get more pictures of the dancers (stupid pneumonia)!  Hopefully everyone can tell how much I love this time of year...and hopefully next year is warmer!


Trisha Visel said...

LOOK at you with that camera! Beautiful pics!

missy widener said...

cutest dutch boy ever. and is that eddie STANDing in a picture?!!! whaaa???!!! the last two are my favorite. and I am so sad I missed elephant will have to come to coast guard with us this year!!

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