Friday, May 21, 2010

Self Entertainment

Even though Eddie is in no way ignored during the day--a couple days a week he goes to daycare to play with other kids, and Cort plays with him on the days he is home--he still has to self-entertain at times.  It's important for kids to play on their own, right?

Recently, Eddie has come up with a few of his own "games"

Both games involve the colored balls from his ball popper thing.

That gate is what separates our sweet wee one from falling over down the stairs to his definite pain and suffering (or just rolling out the front door).  He has always loved to stand by the gate and greet people as they come in.

This past week he realized those colored balls can fit through the slots.

Oh, and what doesn't fit through the slots?  It can go right over the top.

Yeah, he's pretty proud of himself.  Today I came home and stepped on a few toys and crushed a ball under the door.

If that wasn't fun enough...he discovered something else fun...

Those balls roll around nicely in the bottom of his exersaucer (which, by the way, he is WAY too big for, but we put him in anyway because it is the only way to confine him while we do important things like, oh I don't know, SHOWER).

Anyway, once those balls are in there, he's got to get them out, right?  And this is where the booty in the air shot comes in.

And then he contently plays in the saucer.

Oh...and did I mention....
Eddie is THIS close to taking a first step on his own?

And he will be eleven months on Sunday.

Which means next month I will have a walking one-year old.

Now pardon me while I have heart palpitations.  My baby is growing up.

And a special note, Sluiter Nation is now its own blog domain:  You may want to change this in your blog rolls, readers, or bookmarks.  Thanks, Cort for buying me such a fun surprise :)


missy widener said...

ahh!! the boy is STANDing. he is too tiny for that!! and I just wrote my june stuff on my calendar and what did I see?? eddie's ONE year pics!! seriously. but he just keeps getting cuter.

Jennifer Kay said...

Wow our babies are only a couple of weeks apart, Haylee will be one on July 13th. She walks around the furniture but has never stood on her own. Congrats Eddie! I personally think it's EASIER when they start walking but a lot of people wouldn't agree.

alicia said...

Too cute. Watch out world... The fun is just beginning.

Kimberly said...

Wait till he learns how to open the gate...EEEKS. I can't contain my little pooper in any room now!!

Al said...

Ok - your baby is A-DORABLE!!! I love this stage in babies when the world just opens up and they have to explore everything :) Thanks for sharing the cute pics :)

Jeremy and Tonya said...

What a handsome boy! Can't wait to see ALL of you at his birthday party!

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