Monday, May 10, 2010

She' Crafty...And She's Just My Type!

Today I brought home this treasure!  My friend, Whitney, made this tote for me with Eddie's initial on it!  She is also in the process of making me a SUPER cute camera strap cover for my boring Canon Rebel strap.  She does SUCH cute work!  Check her out!  She takes pictures, she makes totes, shirts, camera strap covers, key fobs, and more!

She's definitely crafty, and I definitely love her!


Trisha said...

Awe man, I really want some of her stuff. I asked for a belt, bag, and camera strap but I know she has been super busy. I LOVE the bag! So cute!!

alicia said...

Your friend is super talented. I just checked out her blog, but can't figure out how to follow.
Welcome to blogging and mommyhood!!

alicia @ a beautiful mess

missy widener said...

love. and yes, I need your talents this way soon, my friend.

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