Sunday, December 23, 2007

Louis's new friend...or nemesis?

As I've said before, Louis really enjoys watching the birds fly up to our deck and nibble on the bird seed in our new bird feeder. Yesterday, we noticed a new customer to the feeding frenzy: a wiley squirrel who somehow figured out how to shimmy up the posts (we don't have stairs) to our deck and lean out to enjoy the meal. As my friend, Catye and I watched yesterday, she commented that the squirrel was "just a typical American over-eating at the buffet!" And as Cortney joined the crowd watching the squirrel make a porker of himself, we started wondering how to get rid of him. That is about when we all realized that Louis had noticed the squirrel and was going crazy. Maybe we couldn't take the joy of squirrel-watching away from the cat. I mean, it IS the holiday season! It's all about giving, right?


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