Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pee Problem Resolved?

By blogging about this, I could possibly jinx the situation, I am aware, but I think the "pee problem" Louis has been having has been curbed.

It's been a full week now without another...ahem..."accident". For the past week (since he got his nasty urine on my beautiful leather chair), he has been secluded in the basement at night and while we are at work, and we have not had any repeat incidents with the "issue".

At first he would cry by the basement door when we put him there for the night, but now we only have to turn off the TV and shoo him down. He trotts downstairs to his couch and doesn't cause any problems. He is still wicked excited to see us when we get up in the morning - or home after work - but he has calmed down a bit.

Let's hope this update isn't premature, and there is a puddle waiting for me at home!


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