Sunday, February 24, 2008

Super Aunt

Last night, after going to a birthday party for Holden, our friends, Mat and Kim's youngest, Cortney and I stopped by my parents' house to see Jack before he went to bed. Chris bathed Jack and got his jammies on. Jack showed me his new Thomas the Train underwear and his new potty seat. Then Jack picked me to read him his bedtime stories. This is fun for me for a couple reasons. First, Jack LOVES books - which of course makes me feel good as an educator. Moreso, however, I love the books Jack picks. They are books that Chris and Mike and I have heard read to us a zillion times growing up and now we get to read them to Jack. It's so fun to read those stories again and relive all those fun stories. Plus Jack really gets into it, which is also fun. I think it won't be long before HE is reading them to ME!


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