Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Dash of Color

This week being spring break for me, and with the Sluiters not into traveling over spring break, I needed a project...er...I needed a project to direct. After staring at our kitchen walls for a few weeks, I decided they needed some color...some PUNCH! So Cort and I went to Lowes and for a few more weeks, little color samples stuck to the walls. Week by week the number of those samples decreased, until we had our color: Hubbal House Parajarito Red. So Sunday night I cleared out the kitchen and Cort taped to avoid my messy painting technique getting on the rest of the kitchen.
Did I mention I hate heights and climbing? Oh, and most of our kitchen is high up...I think Cort ended up doing more than he planned on MY project!
But I think it turned out really well! With my taste for color and Cort's excellent handy-man skills, we hammered it out Monday night. Nice!


Alyson said...

your house looks great!

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