Monday, December 21, 2009

Job Update

Today was the day that Wyoming Public Schools said that those of us with pink slips would get the news on our job situation. Sure enough, I got home from an afternoon out, and waiting for me was the envelope.

Holding the envelope, I felt almost sure nothing was going to change about my job situation, but the fact that I was HOLDING an envelope meant that something COULD have changed, so there was still that twinge.

I tore the envelope open and stared at the words, but I didn't see them. It's like when you have dreams and you can't read--that is how it felt. I blindly searched for the part that WASN'T a form letter--the part where it gave me my personalized info.

There it was:
for second semester your assignment will be 1.0 English Teacher at Wyoming Park High School (unchanged),

PHEW!!! Even though I wasn't expecting my job to change, the chance was still there, and seeing the proof and reassurance that everything was the same almost brought tears to my eyes.

What a wonderful Christmas gift for my family: one job that I love plus a new, part-time job (see post below or click here to read it) that I hope to love!

Bring on the holiday celebrations because we have so very much to celebrate this year!


missy widener said...

so now TWO jobs?! woman, you are going to be busy, you go. I am so happy for you. I KNEW it.

designHER Momma said...

fantastic! What a beautiful relief and great start to the new year. I'm so glad for your family.

Jonna Papke said...

thats great I was worried about you

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