Monday, February 8, 2010

Where Did Our Baby Go?

Again, we have Big Boy Activity in our house. Yesterday this guy was spotted pulling himself up on his knees next to the ottoman.
And look! No more baby tub within the regular tub! This Big Guy can use the same tub as the rest of us!

And he can play with more toys and make bigger splashes this way. Oh fun times!
But afterward we still wrap him up like our little baby boy that he still is. He may be participating in Big Boy Activity, but he is still our Wee One.


missy widener said...

he is just so sweet, that is all there is to it. love the towel picture with his little hands and feet crossed. what a little gentleman.

Anonymous said...

I still wrap up Gwennie & Holden like little burritos. :) Love the hooded towels!


Visel Mum Mum said...

That last pic with him in the towel is so so cute! Seriously scrap that pic! Love his little expressions, he sure is a good guy with the camera!!

designHER Momma said...

I just want to scream at these little guys. STOP GROWING UP! YOU ARE KILLING ME SOFTLY! but really, every stage is so adorable and so, SO, cute...

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