Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Helping Hands

Today I was asked by our National Honors Society adviser at Wyoming Park if I would like to join the NHS on one of their service days of helping with Habitat for Humanity. I enthusiastically accepted the invitation to help! Almost all of the 11th graders in NHS are my current students, and I felt this would be a great opportunity to lead as a role model and show the kids how great giving back to the community is!

The students are raising money to donate to Habitat and I thought, as a role model, I would also try to raise some money.

If you would like to donate, please let me know by contacting me (email me, text me, call me, leave comments here, whatever). I will be turning in the money on April 13, so I will need to have it in hand before then.

Any amount you want from just a couple bucks up to whatever. Checks can be made out to Habitat for Humanity. Please also include your address (if I don't have it) so we can get you a receipt for tax purposes.

I promise to post pictures of me and my students working hard to help others have a home!


clayton and jenise said...

that sounds great - we know Amanda Patterson who works at Habitat in Holland. Maybe she can aid you and your students.

missy widener said...

that is So awesome.

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