Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Start of Spring Break

Spring has arrived in Michigan with a vengeance! With record highs in the 80's, the last couple days have been absolutely a beautiful way to start spring break!
Since my flowers have decided to make their debut, Cort and I thought maybe Eddie would like to see what it felt like to enjoy the warm weather outdoors too.
He was pretty skeptical at first. He picked at the grass with his fingers and didn't even attempt to crawl on the weird feeling stuff.
We did get a couple smiles out of our Wee One though before we decided to bring him in the house. two minutes outdoors is enough when you're not wearing sunblock!
These past couple summer preview days have the Sluiters hankering for more! Only four more weeks of our GRCC classes and eight more weeks of teaching at Park before summer really begins! We can't wait!


missy widener said...

oh my word, what?! SO cute in his little man hat.

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