Monday, May 17, 2010

D-List Blog Party...WHOOT!


So who doesn't like a good party?  If you know me at all, you know I like a fun time as much as the next gal!

Of COURSE I jumped at this chance to read TONS of great new blogs and meet some super moms who are doing what they do out there!  So read on as I introduce myself and make sure to comment so I can go visit YOUR site and meet YOU! I introduction for those who don't yet know me!

I live in a little West Michigan city (right on Lake Michigan) that is known for its tulips.  I live in a cute little home with my wonderful husband, our 16-year old cat named Louis, and our sweet little soon-to-be 11month old, Eddie.

I work full time as a high school English teacher (for now anyway...that is a WHOLE different post) and I also teach as an adjunct instructor at a local community college.  My hubs is currently unemployed after being laid off in October (although we are patiently...ok NOT patiently...waiting to hear back about some interviews).

I recently was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression on top of a pre-existing anxiety disorder.  I'm learning that there is a LOT of support out there and I want to be a voice for those who are afraid.  I didn't know why I was the way I was, and then I was afraid to talk about it.  I don't want anyone else feeling that way.

I also LOVE to read.  I mean, duh, I got into teaching English for a reason, right?  So recently I started a SECOND blog (yes, I am sort of insane.  You will find I take on too many projects and then obsess about making them perfect.  It is my curse).  The blog is really new, so be nice.

Now excuse me while I go read more of YOUR blogs...this is the BEST bedtime reading!


Ann said...

You're a high school English teacher! Out of pure curiousity, I was wondering if you give your students quote tests where you write a quotes on the test and the students have to analyze the quote and write who said it. Also, do you make your students write in-class essays? I just want to know if what I do in my English class is noraml.

Sluiter Nation said...

Ann...thanks for dropping by! Yes, I do both of those things! Have to get them ready for college and AP/ACT testing! We are winding down now, but later in the week my students have an almost ALL writing/quote test over A Prayer for Owen Meany!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

You are close to me, I think! (I'm in NW Indiana!)


Ivy said...

Hi Katie,
Great to be in such wonderful blogging company! I just recently discovered you on Twitter and now your blog and found that wow, you have included me on your blogroll. I am so honored! :) I'm gonna add you to mine as well! I love your blog and your photos too!

Ivy said...

Hi Katie,
Well, here I am commenting on your blog. Wonderful blog, by the way. And I just love your photos! I'm happy we have recently come across each other via Twitter and now our blogs. I am so honored that you have posted a link to my blog! I'm gonna do the same! Look forward to continuing to keep in touch via Twitter. I have yet to join one of the Mon nite PPDChats, which comes right in the middle of when I put my daughter to bed.

Alissa said...

I know where you are from :)

We have a summer house 20 minutes from Mackinaw. I love Michigan in the summertime, it's the best!

Thanks so much for partying with me! I am a new follower :)

Jennifer Kay said...

I am not far from you, living in the city known for it's...well I'm not sure what it's known for. Oh, well who cares - I'm in Grand Rapids. I am a new follower and I enjoy your posts.

Carol said...

Just dropping by as part of d-list party. I love your honesty and your fabulous pictures are an added bonus!

Miranda said...

WOOT for the D-List party!! Can't wait to put up your guest post!

designHER Momma said...

Dlist Schmeeeeee list.

Rose said...

Hi! Stopping by a little late from the blog party! I'm a teacher too-wow, what a stable job in this economy, huh? I know your feelings exactly!

Cute, cute cute little baby!

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